Go Well

CHLOE WRZESINSKI: Personal Story of a 17 Year Old

August 24, 2021

Well I don’t know about you, but think we are getting a bit sick of the bad news. So this week we have dug a bit deeper to find some good news, which includes a woman who has fulfilled her dreams by opening a bookstore in her later age (instead of buying a house) and has just celebrated her 10th anniversary; a company that turns cremation ashes into elegant stones, why self-love may not be selfish and is in fact a key for collective healing; is pursuing happiness bad for the environment?; how having someone listen to you improves your brain health; and how carers can get help during the pandemic.

And this week Cate's interview is with fellow radio presenter at 94.9 MainFM, Chloe Wrzesinski. Chloe is a seventeen year old school student, living and studying in Castlemaine and has an avid passion for writing fiction and painting as well as studying languages. Chloe hopes to pursue her studies in the real world after completing VCE, by travelling abroad and teaching English in Japan. After completing year twelve, she also hopes to get published and further a career as an author.

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